Not in a million years vs. yes please!

Let’s make a guess. Which outfit should get a label “Not in a million years!” and whch should be given the “yes please!” label? Image 1 – Image 2 – Drums……   And the… Continue reading


Not everything that costs fortune and is called fashion is wearable. Trust me! Below you can get some practical advice on how to dress and what to avoid. Enjoy! Rule numero uno – black goes well… Continue reading

Critically about fashion

I like to observe the streets. I like to observe people – how they talk, laugh, eat and dress of course. Every country has its own rules. I’ll focus on two countries and… Continue reading

Bohemian style

My fav colours


Tight & Loose

Tight jeans & loose blouse. Stronger statement with red nails and jewellery. Very sexy and elegant outfit! I’m not a fan of this type of shoes in general, but they do actually look… Continue reading

Casual style for him: Do’s & Dont’s

Simplicity in colour and style. Jeans and sweater, leather shoes. All black. What else could we ask for? I like that he doesn’t look scruffy as I have seen men wear such outfits… Continue reading

Dress to impress for Him

Pola Takeda presents: Elegant man by Ryan. This outift is very stylish. Ryan looks stylish and confident. Whatever he was attending this day – interview, meeting, – I’m pretty confident that he made a… Continue reading

Jeans & leather: do’s & dont’s

I like how stylish she looks wearing tight jeans with heels and long black sweater. Add a small classy bag and the outfit looks fantastic. DO mix tight with loose. Tight jeans &… Continue reading

Bare shoulder fashion

cut out shoulder sweater bare shoulder sweater Off the shoulder sweater