College fashion! :)

Edgy/Sporty – Like you really mean it! Leather jacket, pants and a T-shirt that proclaims you’re endless love for rock-n-roll šŸ™‚Ā  Comfy/Baggy– …because we all want to feel comfy and warm on those… Continue reading

Mini-fashion! :)

This post is all inspired by my need to buy a mini-skirt this week! Aha, one of those urgent needs! I do know what type i want but here’s the thing – what… Continue reading

Dress for Happy Hours

This outfit can actually suit A-N-YĀ elegant woman.Ā I’m sure it’ll look great on every single oneĀ of you – fantastic women! šŸ™‚ Next! The styleĀ a la Audrey Hepburn… This outfit may be too feminine to… Continue reading

Weekly choice – for him & her!

Weekly choice

Pola’s choice this week. Simple and classy. Loose pants, comfy flat shoes and some kick-ass bagpack. Ta-da! Worth trying out this summer/spring.

Let’s talk about knee-high boots

They look sexy. What’s more to talk about? šŸ˜€Ā  Pola’s choice –Ā  I like thisĀ outfit. Full stop.

Not in a million years vs. yes please!

Let’s make a guess. Which outfit should get a label “Not in a million years!” and whch should be given theĀ “yes please!” label? Image 1 – Image 2 – Drums……   And the… Continue reading


Not everything that costs fortune and is called fashion is wearable. TrustĀ me! Below you can getĀ some practical adviceĀ on how to dress and what to avoid. Enjoy! Rule numero uno – black goes well… Continue reading

Critically about fashion

I like to observe the streets. I like to observe people – how they talk, laugh, eat and dress of course. Every country has its own rules. I’ll focus on two countries and… Continue reading

Bohemian style