Off-shoulder blouse


Windy summer – fashion


found on Asos(Adidas Originals Varsity Jacket)

Warm & soft …

 Once my eyes spotted this coat, I couldn’t stop staring at it for quite a while. The colour! It’s just magnificent! This shade of blue makes me wanna smile during the gloomiest of… Continue reading

College fashion! :)

Edgy/Sporty – Like you really mean it! Leather jacket, pants and a T-shirt that proclaims you’re endless love for rock-n-roll 🙂  Comfy/Baggy– …because we all want to feel comfy and warm on those… Continue reading

Mini-fashion! :)

This post is all inspired by my need to buy a mini-skirt this week! Aha, one of those urgent needs! I do know what type i want but here’s the thing – what… Continue reading

Dress for Happy Hours

This outfit can actually suit A-N-Y elegant woman. I’m sure it’ll look great on every single one of you – fantastic women! 🙂 Next! The style a la Audrey Hepburn… This outfit may be too feminine to… Continue reading

Weekly choice – for him & her!

Weekly choice

Pola’s choice this week. Simple and classy. Loose pants, comfy flat shoes and some kick-ass bagpack. Ta-da! Worth trying out this summer/spring.

Let’s talk about knee-high boots

They look sexy. What’s more to talk about? 😀  Pola’s choice –  I like this outfit. Full stop.