Wearing pastels

How to wear pastles has been on my mind for quite a while… Pastels are elegant. As shown in the photo below the best colour to match pastels with is white.  Yet there are… Continue reading

Silver or golden?

The question what colour suits blondes better: silver or golden has been discussed for quite some time. I read a few articles on that and “experts” claim that it’s silver that suits blondes… Continue reading

Summer dresses and skirts


Elegant jumpsuits


Kimono cardigan in summer

With shorts  With a dress Image from glamradar.com With trousers  

Off-shoulder blouse

Windy summer – fashion


found on Asos(Adidas Originals Varsity Jacket)

Warm & soft …

 Once my eyes spotted this coat, I couldn’t stop staring at it for quite a while. The colour! It’s just magnificent! This shade of blue makes me wanna smile during the gloomiest of… Continue reading

College fashion! :)

Edgy/Sporty – Like you really mean it! Leather jacket, pants and a T-shirt that proclaims you’re endless love for rock-n-roll 🙂  Comfy/Baggy– …because we all want to feel comfy and warm on those… Continue reading