Casual wear


70 s back in fashion 💛 💚 💙

The 70s clothing can be both bold and subtle. It’s big 70’s revival! From colours(yellow, green, brown) to patterns(flares, maxi dresses & miniskirts, oversized belts, and floppy hats). Hot fashion tips! 💜 1. Cropped flares in… Continue reading

Style tips for women with big chests 🌸

  We have two approaches to this subject. There are women with big breasts who prefer to expose their breasts and those who’d rather hide them under layers. If you ask me I’d… Continue reading

Can you hairdo affect your fashion style?

I have this theory that your hairdo has a say in how you dress 🙂 Anne Hathway in short hair(btw looks amaizing!!) opts for more masculine wear(Of course with the exception of two… Continue reading

Grey craze

Both ladies look very elegant. They both opt for grey outfits but with accesories like a yellow and purple bag their outfits become more sophisticated. Nice play with colours ladies! 🙂

Bold colours in fashion?

I often buy things in black.That gets boring doesnt it? I’m sure you also choose black over other colours. Do you wanna make your presence visible? These are elegant outfits that everyone can wear. What’s… Continue reading

Fashion for him & her & not only :)

    Couples look good when they are in sync with style. Liam and his wife Elsa have a youthful look – she goes for shorts and boots and he wears hats and funky T-shirts.… Continue reading

Style a la parisienne

  Playing with colours, but keeping things simple. Nothing extravagant.

Fashion for red-heads

   Even though I did research on what colours suit me(ash blond type), I don’t always remember to choose the right colours of clothes for myself. There are colours I stay away from… Continue reading

Tuxedos vs. dresses

I like the fact that fashion is for everyone and its become more fluid. Now we -women can wear masculine style and look awesome! 🙂 so today’s battle between dresses a more traditional… Continue reading