Warm & soft …

65228771ffeb24285ddeb3dbc7425bc9.jpg Once my eyes spotted this coat, I couldn’t stop staring at it for quite a while. The colour! It’s just magnificent! This shade of blue makes me wanna smile during the gloomiest of rainy days. It makes me wanna protect and treasure this coat.


This coat looooks good too! She looks mysterious, elegant and powerful(like some sort of Neo character from Matrix, I reckon 🙂 in it.


This one looks all-right. Not my thing to wear spottted-coat. I guess you really need to know what to match it with. It’s not an easy one to wear(in my humble opinion). As long as it’s faux-fur, I’m on board to wear it one day! 😀 I’d go for a par of black tight jeans and some delicate looking shoes too.