College fashion! :)

Edgy/Sporty – Like you really mean it! Leather jacket, pants and a T-shirt that proclaims you’re endless love for rock-n-roll 🙂 


Comfy/Baggy– …because we all want to feel comfy and warm on those rainy, cold days, when studying in the library becomes a new (un)wanted routine. We’ve all been there! Some of us are still THERE >> c’est moi!! >> 😀


Sporty/Flexi – She doesn’t have time for going through all her clothes to find sexy/feminine/edgy outifts. She’s in a hurry and she needs to leave very soon. There she is wearing those cool tight jeans and baggy jumper. Please notice that her cool specs make her look hot….  


That’s basically been my outift for the past couple of days. When I need to wake up early( 7am) to catch the buss and make it to the class, a par of jeans and jumper are all I need to be ready in less than 10 min and feel comfy throughout the day. It’s only when I see other women looking fabbbbb in their dresses, heels, trench coats, etc. etc., that I feel a bit (>but just a tiny bit>) unsure about my outfit of choice. Let’s face it – jumper & jeans is an all-times-cool-women-approved-outfit to wear, but it’s not easy to justify my yet another shopping spree if all I wear is jeans & jumper! It’s time to toughen up —and start waking up earlier than 7 am, hah 😀