Mini-fashion! :)


This post is all inspired by my need to buy a mini-skirt this week! Aha, one of those urgent needs! I do know what type i want but here’s the thing – what colour I want is still not that simple to decide about. I thought of a classic black, but there seems to be a grey one on the horizon… I think I will go for the grey mini-skirt and here are a few reasons WHY it seems like a good choice:

  1. I often go for dark colours —– I def.need more colours!
  2. I do have few(lit. 3) white items like top tanks/blouses/T-shirts that would go well with something grey
  3. let’s be honest – the models above look fab, yet images 1 & 2 seem to outshine the third one – I guess it’s the question of c-o-l-o-u-r-s 😀 as all models look fab! (image3 from ebay, fyi)