Not in a million years vs. yes please!

Let’s make a guess. Which outfit should get a label “Not in a million years!” and whch should be given the “yes please!” label?

Image 1 –


Image 2 –




And the winner is Image 2! Bravo lady from Hollywood, I reckon.

This outift looks fab! It goes well with her skin tone. The make up and hair are excellent! I can’t stop applauding her. 3084576A00000578-3414004-image-m-62_1453604385968.jpg

 Now the only thing that could bother me is her shoes – would go for skin tone shoes.

Alternatives to her shoes:

large3.jpg c6912c0218873040daa4be6c56a0d02b.jpg


Not in a million years image is Image 1 – Why? Because I’m mean, haha 🙂 Just kidding! I think the colours match her skin colour, it’s just that she looks a bit liveless to me – I mean the clothes look a bit unflattering in terms of size, colours and pattern. I’d go for some kick-ass pencil skirt in orange with a split. It’d look sexy. Her outfit looks bohemian, which is fine, though it also looks a bit too girly, sort of where is the 70s version of Britney Spears? Oh, here she is!  look at my ripped abs, look at my short skirt. I said LOOK AT ME!


Alternatives to her outfit:



One more option – she could’ve chosen more 70s shoes like the ones below.