Not everything that costs fortune and is called fashion is wearable. Trust me!

Below you can get some practical advice on how to dress and what to avoid. Enjoy!

Rule numero uno – black goes well with black

Minka looks crazy in this outfit. Too much is going on. The colours are fighting for attention. The black one wins – dominates in my opinion- Well it’s a classy colour, there’s no doubt in that. This blouse is super heavy, I mean its made of leather(haha, I almost wrote made of ‘skin’ :P, good grief Pola!) I mean look at her shoes and slowly start scrolling up – what a nice spring outfit, oh the colours are well-matched…zonk! there is a this black leather bag that just does not go well with the rest. I’d go for a red pencil skirt with a split or tight black trousers. Keep the bag and shoes. 


Alternative to her trousers: 2013-Autumn-Winter-Fashion-Red-Woolen-Slit-Pencil-Skirts-with-Blinking-Sequined-Women-s-High-Waist.jpg


Rule numero duo: Dress for your age!

What her name? I don’t remember but I think she should not be remebered for this terrible choice of a dress. Don’t get me wrong – I actually like her dress! 🙂 the colour, fabric, the style, it’s just that I’d wear it as a sixty year old woman. Why not? Looking sexy is ageless my dear followers 🙂 


Rule numero tres: don’t count in  a language you don’t speak! 😀 kidding! do it! it’s so much fun! 😀 haha

Ok, joking aside.

Rule numero tres: Re-consider, I repeat again, re-consider 99% of your fashion choices. Ask for second opinion. If the second opinion is still favourable, well don’t listen to them, send the photo of you (wearing a particular outfit) to me and I, Pola, shall tell you the truth! Poor Natalie, that’s a good set of teeth and smile to a bad game. We can all see you and it ain’t look good girl. 

I like this dress, but again, some outfits should not be worn, unless you’re Lady Gaga – she can pull it off as she’s artistic from head to toes. Got it , right? Btw this dress reminds me of one my mom used to wear in her adulthood(20 +). I usually put it on when going for “Look at me now” moment….when going for ‘a relict of the past’ effect is highly in demand. That means pre-New Year madness at my parents’ place. Make it double – with my sister 😀


Rule numero quatro: go for clothes that show your figure, especiallly when going out and …judging by her abs, working out like 7 days a week/ 12 hours per day. What’s the point of going all vegetarian, vegan, going on diets and spending more time with dumbbells than human beings if you’re not gonna expose your ancient god-like physique? Finally, I shared my piece of mind on some people’s routines that make me wonder why so much hassle people. Moving on (I hope I can move on 😛 ) … I like the colour and some of the elements of her dress yet I can’t accept this shapeless piece of curtain. Unless it’s the roaring twenties then, fine, she got it right. Since i can’t see any Gatsbys around so her dress is a fail.