Critically about fashion

I like to observe the streets. I like to observe people – how they talk, laugh, eat and dress of course.

Every country has its own rules. I’ll focus on two countries and what I learnt about fashion in those countries.

In Turkey women are raised with the mantra “You’re a princess!” Well with such challenging messsage it comes as no surprise that girls tend to go on shopping sprees quite often. I’d say even more often than it’s necessary. Shopping in Turkey – ah, those days are long gone, but how happy I was back then…I could buy and buy and not even wear the stuff I bought – you know what I mean. You get lots of stuff and you can get more and more every weekend. Turkey is a shopping paradise and Turkish women should be praised for their amaizing talent for matching colours, accessories with outfits and taking care of themselves very well. I mean I used to look quite rural next to some of my Turkish girlfriends until their “passion” for all that’s girly transfered to me.


In Sweden everyone seems to dress the same – short boots, very tight black jeans, long sweater or raincoat and a bun. Make-up wise…well there’s a lot of botox in cheeks and lips and a lot of thick eyebrows. Women here start really insanly young with such stuff and add years to their faces….willingly. I got it – it’s trendy, it looks fab, it’s hot! When I look at my face – well, I wear mascara every second maybe third day, I add some lipstick and I’m off to the university. My clothes aren’t that stylish – I don’t care about brands and what’s in fashion. I just wear stuff that I feel look good on me. Since I buy in secondhands, the style may sometimes go down the hill. Why? well going for stuff that are very retro or unflattering because they are there and I don’t feel like  leaving the shop empty-handed. Crazy gal alert!

So let’s have a look at how Swedes wear colours. BLACK + WHITE + GREY.

Classic example: She’s Swedish so her love for the following colours: black, white and grey runs very, very deep. You can tell her dog is from Sweden too.



This outfit looks sorry but cheap! The same way of dressing – all black with some white and brown. I guess it’s the quality. Or the glasses? Maybe the t-shirt? Anyway, it looks cheap. annalynne-mccord-street-fashion-out-in-beverly-hills-december-2014_1.jpg

I like her lipstick colour, hair and the (“heavy” looking)shoes. I just hate the dress. It’s quite boring. plus the bag. I mean the bag looks ok but not with this outfit. What was she going for? A female Indiana Jones on her way to the gala? FAIL. I am a teacher – bring the kids to me? NO THANK YOU. My choice – keep the shoes, hair and make up – match it with a see-through loose short dress. Go for a cleavage and long gold necklace.




This dress is sexy and nice for an evening out. I’d be careful matching it with those suede knee high boots. We don’t wanna end up as Julia in Pretty Woman. Or maybe we want? 😀04J16ISLV_large.jpg

I like every single thing she’s wearing – I don’t like them as one outfit. Well, maybe the shoes seem a bit too much. Short boots would match well.