Casual style for him: Do’s & Dont’s


Simplicity in colour and style. Jeans and sweater, leather shoes. All black. What else could we ask for? I like that he doesn’t look scruffy as I have seen men wear such outfits before, yet their sweaters or jeans were not screaming ‘classy’. Probably they weren’t going for classy ūüėČ


This lad has some good things going on in his life – look at his stride! The smug on his face saya¬†it all ūüôā But… I feel like there’s a bit too much going on in terms of his style. First the stuff I love:

  • I love the shoes, the colour rocks.
  • tight jeans, the colour is good too!
  • the chain makes his outfit look more cool
  • the white t-shirt is simple yet goes well with the jeans
  • the scarf is fine, thick and simple

Now, the rings, the shades and jacket are those elements that need to go away.

  • Ditch the rings …or add¬†a heavy chain on the neck to really look¬†like a pimp
  • The jacket looks unnecessarily complicated(the patterns). Keep it simple.
  • the shades could stay… if the rest(the rings and jacket were¬†ditched).

The Lord of Greys is here! Bow in front of him… I think¬†I sort of like the combo of clothes he went for, yet too much grey makes it a bit… boring.

There is the thing about mixing different styles. He mixed the casual one with the more classy one. I’d ditch the trousers and put on a pair of navy blue jeans. I’d also replace the cap with a more classy hat(look below).


Mixing casual with classy PLUS the selection of headwear # 1468656.jpg

Mixing casual with classy PLUS the selection of headwear #2462615.jpg

There are fashion designers, who do not mind displaying various techniques of mixing casual with classy, yet (in my opinion) they often do it for the runway show. Below: Burberry.

The style is interesting so are the clothes, yet there is a bit of mismatch(the jacket!).


What do you think?