Jeans & leather: do’s & dont’s

I like how stylish she looks wearing tight jeans with heels and long black sweater. Add a small classy bag and the outfit looks fantastic. DO mix tight with loose. Tight jeans & loose sweater accessorized with a mini bag and heels. Perfect match!


Just to make the outfit more ‘lively’ I’d go for a more funky bag.-font-b-Primark-b-font-fashion-font-b-black-b-font-and-white-piano-keys.jpg

Another option is combining jeans with something white. The outfit below is more casual. I usually see women wear black leather jackets with black shirts and jeans. DO experiment with colours. This outfit is well-balanced in terms of colours.


This outfit looks also casual. I personally don’t like the bag and the colour of her t-shirt. This outfit looks a bit ‘dead’ if you know what I mean. DON’T wear colours that do not match your skin tone. It depends what one is going for, casual or elegant style. Her outfit says ‘boring’. It’s my opinion. I’d wear an orange or purple t-shirt just to liven up the outfit. I’d also go for a leather bag…



The last outfit to analyse is by Jessica Alba. I usually love her sense of fashion and colours she wears, yet when I came across this photo I hesitated a bit. There was a sort of mis-match going on. If that’s an outfit for a coffee meet-up with a friend then I’d go for a shorter skirt. If that’s an outfit for an evening out with my partner or gal pals, I’d put on a different(less casual) top and accessorize the outfit with a necklace and a different bag.


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Would you change anything in those outfits? If so, what would it be?