Autumn is coming – Brown

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Autumn, leaves falling down, brown and green and yellow and red – that’s all I can think of right now. I used to like autumn, even considered it my fav. season. Those days are long gone when I moved to a country with lots of autumn-like days, ba months! Now I prefer spring 😀 hehe

Thinking of colours like red, green and yellow… hmm all of them would be my choice but one – BROWN.

Do you even like brown? I definitely know. I can only remember one clothing item that I liked – a pair of brown suede trousers that I looked good in. Made me look really lean and fitted me well. That happened back in high school! Last winter I wore an ugly brown hat – you may ask why? well lets just say I bought it in a thrift shop and thought it would keep my head warm, that’s what I thought 😉

Two things-

brown in like any other colour – some women look good in it. proof above.

I wish I were in UK now doing shopping in Primark. That’d be a great therapy 😀

Some of items I found pretty cool to wear. And guess what! They are brown! 🙂